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 Make a difference. Make fashion circular. 


Fashion is fun. it’s a means of self-expression, self-empowerment and confidence. It’s also the second largest pollutant of our planet. With sustainability being the buzzword in fashion right now, and hopefully forever, we want to show you how you can have a fashionable and eco-friendly wardrobe and do your bit for people and the planet. 

Circular fashion is a system which relies on its approach to reuse and recirculate clothes and textiles. 

Dressing sustainably doesn’t mean compromising. It means being aware and informed and knowing what local sustainable services there are and how to access them. 

For a world beyond next season, Surrey Frills focuses on the four ‘R’s’: Resell, Repair & Revive, Recycle and Remember. 

Image by Brunel Johnson

Re-selling your unwanted clothes and accessories to consignment marketplaces is good for your bank balance as well as the planet. 

We have some of the BEST vintage hunting grounds right here in Surrey.



Hone up your needle knowledge at one of the repair cafés across the Surrey Hills. These hands-on workshops show you how to repair and re-energise your cherished clothes. 


Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag

Recycling unwanted clothes and re-using the resources is key to ensuring that the fashion industry doesn’t take more from the planet than it gives. Find out about your local services and resources in your area. 


The most sustainable clothing in the world is what is in your wardrobe now and the future of it.

We all have the power to change our planet.

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