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What can I recycle?

If you’re clearing out your old clothes and home textiles, there’s no need to put them in the bin when it’s easy to bag them up and recycle them. These can be recycled as long as they are clean and dry.

Yes please

  • Clothes like shirts, coats, tights and underwear

  • Home textiles like towels and sheets

  • Accessories like pairs of shoes, belts and bags

No thanks

  • Single shoes

  • Stuffed items like cushions and duvets

  • Cuddly toys

Textiles should be put in bags, and tied up so that they keep dry. Please don’t use black bin bags, or put clothes and home textiles in your recycling bin.

How can I recycle my clothes and home textiles?

Many areas in Surrey have a weekly collection for clothes and home textiles while everyone can use recycling banks at community recycling centres or at locations like car parks and supermarkets. Use the Recycle for Surrey search tool to see how best to recycle where you live.

What do my clothes become?

Clothes and home textiles are either sorted to be worn and used again in the UK or abroad, or recycled into useful products like felt, insulation or stuffing.

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