Curvy Fashion

Don’t swerve the curve... because fashion doesn’t stop at size 16!


Let’s be honest, when it comes to plus-size fashion we all know that the offering  on the market needs improvement. 

For too long the fashion industry has ignored plus-size women but thankfully times are changing. As body diversity is becoming more valued we’re seeing influential designers foraying into the plus-size market and the media profiling beauties of all shapes and sizes. 

In Surrey, plus size fashion is bigger and better than ever - a number of boutiques & brands are not just creating choices they’re offering the viable and stylish options curvier women crave. Different fabrics and finishes, different styles and trends proving that style has no size.  Considered pieces that are carefully tailored as opposed to simply made bigger. 

No more struggling to find clothes that excite or inspire you.


From boutiques and brands that are working hard to diversify their size offering to those that exclusively cater for the fuller figure.