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Slow fashion doesn't mean never buying clothes again - c'mon we're keeping it real! It's about making great choices for you and your wardrobe- here's our top tips for a sustainable, stylish wardrobe. 


Choose well: Invest in pieces that can be styled in a number of different ways and will work with what is already in your  wardrobe. FACT: Only 30% of our wardrobes actually get worn on a regular basis. When you pick up a garment, think - "Will I wear this more than 30 times?"


Hire a personal stylist: Browse our directory of local Personal Stylists  help you achieve a sustainable and ethical wardrobe that totally works for you. Not only will a stylist take the time to understand your needs and your lifestyle, they'll help you save £££ by choosing quality, timeless pieces that will stand the test of time.


Shop local; to ensure a strong and sustainable local economy. Each time you support your local boutique, you are keeping someone's entrepreneurial dreams. Check out our map of the Surrey Hills.


Take care:

  • Wash dark colours inside out.

  • Use delicate bags to preserve your delicates. 

  • Wash your clothes less and when you do use less detergent. 

  • Avoid using the tumble dryer. 

  • Store clothes in a cool dry place. Let them breathe. 

  • Fold big heavy jumpers rather than hang them. 

  • Invest in good quality hangers- wooden hangers will help to keep your clothes in shape.

  • When ironing- set your iron at the correct temperature.  

  • Look after your shoes and bags. Use dust bags and clean with a dry toothbrush and soft cloth. Visit your local shoe repairer. 


Think before you toss:  If your cherished clothes really have no more life in them- dispose them as ethically as you can. Landfill is a last resort. 

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