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Our Story


It all started when...


One of our favourite local boutiques shut down.

Quick-as-a-flash, people in the town expressed sadness -what a shame it was to lose another local independent business.

The affection was strong but the actual buying behaviours were flimsy. It got us thinking about the way we shop differently for different industries...

We had a dream to reinvigorate the love local messaging, to frame it in a way that inspired Surrey people to discover the incredible style scene on their doorstep

At Surrey Frills, we are crazy-passionate about supporting local businesses. Our mission is to make it easier for people to find the amazing local style and wellness businesses that Surrey has to offer. We are a mother-and-daughter duo with years of combined experience in managing and implementing marketing campaigns and fashion journalism. Honing in on our skills, we're committed to building a platform that makes it easy to discover and shop with local businesses.

We write for three of Surrey's leading magazines; Surrey Magazine, Premier Magazine and Surrey Rocks Magazine to help spread the word about all the amazing businesses that call Surrey home.

Online, we specialize in creating tailored social media content that engages with your target audience and drives results. We have ridiculously granular knowledge in this industry and publish compelling content that captures the attention of our 10k Instagram followers, increasing local brand's online presence. Our goal is to build a vibrant, thriving community that celebrates unique styles, talents, and businesses.

Since we launched in 2019, we've presented in Parliament and regional Select Committees, styled celebrities, worked on TV sets, launched new brands, cut ribbons on new shop openings, had 15 front covers and walked the red carpet...

We will do whatever it takes to preserve our independent style scene here.

To us, this is so much more than style... it's our community.

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Our mission is to tell the world that no one fuses style and rural splendour quite like Surrey.

The landscape goes without saying. We will ensure our local business community  is cherished, celebrated and shopped.


Our values are centred around sustainability - we are agents of change.

We say that for a world beyond next season - shop local, shop small - to ensure a strong and sustainable local economy.

Invest in quality and timeless pieces. 


Our vision is to gain national recognition for our incredible style scene.

 A one-stop-shop destination, we will continually inspire interest and attract shoppers and clients to Surrey.

An inspirational hub where independents can connect, collaborate and grow - where our community can inspire and be inspired.

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