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Inside Guildford's Local Fashion Boutiques

By Mathilde Hebert, Personal Stylist.

As a Personal Stylist, I enjoy taking my clients to local independent boutiques. In my opinion the atmosphere is a lot more intimate and personal. I find you receive that extra level of care and knowledge about the clothes that you wouldn’t find in a big chain store. And more to the point, because little independent boutiques choose their own styles, I can always find original and authentic pieces.

That is why after living in Guildford for almost 3 years, I wanted to give you an insight into my personal styling playground!

In the middle of North Street, you will find the meticulously decorated windows of The Gate boutique with its delicate pastel blue front walls alongside the unique customer service that Liz and her girls are praised for.

In a warm and inviting environment, The Gate Boutique is definitely one of my first choice destinations for fashion. There, I can find all the high end resort wear I need for my clients, alongside a well curated pick of international brands like the remarkable cashmere brand Max et Moi, the luxurious jewellery brand Gorgianna Scott or exclusive denim brands like Paige.

100m away in Angel Gate, boasting great ethical designer brands, Courtyard

boutique is considered to be one of the top independent designer fashion

boutiques and has been for more than 25 years. The very cool St Tropez vibe

always makes me feel at ease. It’s very clean and refined, plus their candle display makes the shop smell amazing!

Julia, the owner is really willing to make a difference by getting more and more

ethical and sustainable brands in like; Mos Mosh, Tomorrow Denim and Woden.

This is quite refreshing and unique in Guildford. Perfect for when I am looking for

some casual, conscious, understated everyday wear, for my ladies.

Ultimately, what I think is the biggest selling point for choosing to

shop in an independent boutique, is that owners like Liz and Julia will always go

that extra mile to find the perfect brand or item that will really compliment their


Whatever the style, or the occasion, I can always take my clients there and be sure to find the perfect combination, to dress them from head to toe.

Mathilde is offering a 20% discount on her styling services. Find out more about Mathilde and book a session here.

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