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Look Back to Look Good

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Back in the 90s, Kylie sang 'Step back in time' and nowhere is this more apparent than now on the A/W runways. As we look ahead to the new season we can revel in a retro mash-up from previous decades.

The iconic 80’s soap opera, Dynasty burst onto our screens and dominated our wardrobes. The clothes were big, brash & bold and came to symbolise power and independence for a generation of women. Puff on puff sleeves, gold lame dresses, silk turbans, furs and leather set off with serious statement jewellery and killer (literally) heels.

"Who didn’t want to be a Colby or Carrington diva? 80’s fashion is often dubbed ‘excruciatingly tasteless’ but boy did we love it."     

Conjure up the spirit of the 70s with toffee toned slouchy boots and Diane Von Fustenberg’s signature wrap dresses. 

Or hitch up your hemlines and wear them with white knee length boots a la Margot Robbie in Tarantino’s latest movie, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood set in LA 1969. 

Hold on tight as we fast forward to early 2000 and low rise denim (visible thong- optional) trans-seasonal Ugg boots, Juicy Couture tracksuits with logo belts and bags. J-Lo’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop  metallics, dresses over jeans and pashminas in every colour, ever. Wow!

"Throwback fashion is nothing new"

....but with the fashion industry being the second largest pollutant of our planet, the retro mix up seen on our runways is very timely. The rise of the ethical consumer has seen a growth in vintage and pre-loved shops and the Surrey Hills boasts 20 such brick & mortar shops with more online.

These veritable goldmines are Aladdin’s caves for the savvy fashionista who want to look on trend and care about our future. 

See our guide to vintage & pre-loved shops in the Surrey Hills. 

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