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'Get Your Wardrobe Summer Ready' by Stylist Jennifer Jones

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Just imagine this summer opening your wardrobe and being able to see each

individual piece clearly and feeling excited by the opportunities it presents for outfits

EVERY day!

Sadly, this isn't the reality for many. Often wardrobes are cluttered, full of old clothes

that haven’t been worn for ages and half the time you don't even know what you own.

This then means you go for the same items again and again because it’s too

much effort to look for something new. And let’s face it, we’ve all got busy lives and

don’t have the time to be planning stylish, child-friendly, outfits every day. Don't worry... help is at hand!

As your personal stylist, working in Hampshire and Surrey, I know how to change a

tired, cluttered wardrobe into the perfect mum-friendly inspiring summer capsule wardrobe.

The first thing to do is set aside two hours and:

  • Get everything out and in to organised piles (or heaps)

  • Go through each item... is it right for summer? Is the silhouette right for your body shape? Does the colour complement your skin tone? Does it reflect your personality? Does it work for your lifestyle? And don't forget... do you love it?

  • Only put back what ticks all these requirements - this is key! I'm not saying you need to throw anything away, just box up the pieces left and store them somewhere so you can access them if you need to. Then next season, you can go through these and determine whether they're needed, or they can be sold/given to charity.

  • Once you know what you’re working with, ask yourself - do all of these items I've put back go with two or more other pieces? If not, what are the gaps? What’s missing that could help bring these items together? They're the items you need to consider looking for to complete your summer capsule wardrobe.

If this sounds too much like hard work and you don’t have the time to spend doing

this, I can help!

07584 034 237 |

“We went through everything in my wardrobe together and then shopped for key pieces that really make me feel amazing, inside and out. It's given me so much confidence going forward, knowing what suits me and what to look for to feel my best. Shopping will be a breeze! And, importantly, it was great fun!" Jodea Pakos
"Truly brilliant experience that I came away from feeling really good about myself. Jennifer is lovely and so approachable." Rachel Pantry

Look stylish this summer with the help of Jennifer Jones Styling - to discover how I

can support you, call me on 07584034237 or email

Alternatively, you can visit for more information.

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