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Yoga and Brunch

If you thought Yoga was just about the breathing and relaxation, think again. This ancient discipline can also act as a fast-track way to tone your entire body.
Meet Adriana, a Yoga and mindfulness teacher with a passion for sharing the benefits practicing Yoga, on and off the mat, can have on your life.

Adrianna is the founder of Yoga and Brunch, a regular event held at beautiful venues across Surrey. With a different menu and theme each time, you can explore new flavours, discover new locations and meet new people.

From increasing flexibility to boosting focus, Adrianna’s sessions offers a plethora of benefits to suit all abilities and bodies.

“I’ve seen and experienced the benefits of this practice and I know how transformational it can be for someone suffering from high anxiety and stress levels, and even for people that are only looking to get fit, Yoga provides so much more I love teaching. I found my passion and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Adrianna’s Yoga and Brunch events will help to calm, de-stress and nurture you to better health. The classes are a great way to boost your endorphins, increase your strength and flexibility and embrace your inner zen. With a delicious and nutritious brunch curated by local chefs and a chance to meet new people, what better way to start your day.

Get in touch...

Instagram: @yogaandbrunchsurrey
Facebook: Yoga and Brunch Surrey

Founder and Owner: Adrianna Salazar

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