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Witlof Skincare

If you're looking for natural, pure & wholesome skincare with tangible benefits look no further than Witlof Skincare. Originating in the Netherlands, skilled- formulator and owner, Caroline began her quest for naturally derived products when she was just seventeen years old.

“I had all kinds of allergic reactions and no cause was found for them. From that moment on I started to study nutrition and its influence on the body”.

Caroline’s research into plant science and herbalism fuelled her passion to create a skincare brand that harnesses the power of nature with technologically, using plant-based ingredients, vegetable oils and hydrating flower waters.

“The results were amazing,” says Caroline “I started to share my knowledge and understanding of natural skincare through workshops and discovered a gap in the market for performance driven products that were affordable and kind to both people & the planet”.

Caroline’s good friend, Cis, shared her desire to create a nutrient-rich & nourishing skincare range and with Cis background in product development, together they launched Witlof Skincare.
“People are wising up about the composition and transparency of their skincare,” says Cis, “Our products are made to keep skin soft and glowing whilst being kind to the environment”.

The brands commitment to sustainability extends to the packaging, which is seamlessly recyclable. All products are now available here in Surrey and throughout the UK.
For brighter, clearer, smoother skin – check out Witlof Skincare’s superior range of products and start to love the skin you’re in!

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Instagram: @witlofskincare_eu

Owners: Caroline and Cis

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