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War & Drobe

War & Drobe garments are handcrafted in London by founder and creator of the label Nina Kovacevic. As a child Nina came to London fleeing the war from former Yugoslavia in the early 90s. It was during this time that her mother taught her the power of fashion and the strength it can bring. The label was named and born out of a love for reconnecting women with the garments they wear and allowing them to feel fierce yet feminine in their day to day lives.

Having studied Fine Art at Saint Martins, Nina went on to develop her skills training under a tailor, couturier and working in a lingerie studio. She collates her past experiences, technical knowledge and creative background to bring to life collections with a purpose. By slowing down the making process and never mass producing, War & Drobe celebrates and preserves traditional artisanal sewing techniques. Crafting consciously is at the heart of the label, starting with a simple sketch that’s lovingly and laboriously developed by one person alone.

The War & Drobe ethos is to always look at the full life cycle of the piece created and what impact it leaves. Each garment and accessory is consciously made with the vision of women falling in love with them and cherishing them throughout time. Behind the label is a passion for making items that are valued like an heirloom and a throwback to a time when women passed them down to future generations.
The beauty of being a small independent label is the ability to be creative when it comes to maintaining an ethical and sustainable ethos. Care is taken not to waste fabrics and so accessories are made from pieces too small for the garments and tiny offcuts are kept for wadding.

The contrasting yet complementary attributes of being feminine and fierce are what drives Nina to create pieces that are an extension of who we are as women.

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Designer and Founder: Nina Kovacevic

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