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Wanderlust Mumma

Hi! I’m Izzi, the creator of Wanderlust Mumma. It all started just under 4 years ago when my first born was coming up to 7 months old and having tried endless slings and carriers I felt I never found anything that really suited me in terms of comfort, practicality, ease in use and style. I saw a huge gap in the market and made myself my first sling.

Through word of mouth and people stopping to ask were my sling was from, I took a leap and decided to embrace the opportunity to create the brand, Wanderlust Mumma.

Our goal is to put a spin on traditional babywearing with the additional function of style. Our slings allow you to enhance your personal style whilst wearing your baby, not compromise it. I am sure in no time you will be planning outfits around your slings! Our slings will bring you closer to your little ones physically and emotionally whilst being hands free, gives you the freedom and empowerment to take on the day and enjoy lifes little adventures.

Wanderlust Mumma is committed to continually updating our slings in line with the current fashions and trends, introducing new colours, patterns and using the highest quality linens and natural fabrics we can source. We literally spend months and months sourcing fabrics by hand for each collection, talk to our customers about what they would like to see, embark on endless creative briefings, create beautiful fashion sketches of what we wish to achiever then we start building each collection.

Get in touch...

Instagram: @wanderlustmumma

Designer and Founder: Izzy

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