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Vz Perfection

Vaishali Ragunathan or V as she prefers to be known, was destined to design. Inspired by her designer mother and surrounded by the exquisite crafts, textiles and techniques of India, fashion has always been a huge influence.

Her passion for fashion and intrinsic understanding of how modern women want to dress, V is now the creative director of her own label Vz Perfection. Combining sImplicity with originality and reflecting her customers tastes and aesthetics with an uncompromising sense of universal appeal, her designs offer timeless elegance with modern refinement.

“I specialise in the full range of Bridal, Mother of the Bride and Special Occasion Wear. Each exquisite garment is created exclusively for individual clients by carefully assessing their requirements and preferences ensuring that each garment produced is unique.”

It’s this unyielding commitment to design excellence that led to V debuting her work at London Fashion Week SS20 catwalk. Beautiful rather than cutting edge, V’s craftsmanship, innovation and creativity are streamlined with femininity and opulence.

Reflecting on the trends of yesteryear she skilfully re-codes them for a new era.
“Surrey has a massive influence on my work because it has that edgy-but-subtle side to it. Not as eccentric as London, but Surrey doesn’t do plain and boring either!”

Up-cycling is a big movement in fashion right now and V is committed to creating sustainable designs. Refashioning clothes from yesteryear into everything from classic romance to modern iterations of Galliano, just one of V’s designers of dreams.

Vz Perfection’s meticulously created designs are lovingly made in the UK by a highly skilled team of seamstresses. Using the best quality and ethically sourced natural fabrics and handmade embellishments your bespoke design will make you feel just as beautiful as you look.

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Insta: vzperfection
Facebook: Vz Perfection by Vaishali

Founder and Designer: Vaishali Ragunathan

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