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Vivere Hosting


Inspire. Educate. Entertain. 

Introducing Vivere Hosting; an extremely exciting and innovative series of exclusive lifestyle events centered on wellbeing, learning and looking and feeling great, inside and out. 
The ultimate, feel-good network; founder Louise Millington hosts, stages and creates exceptional, forward-thinking women’s empowerment workshops designed to enrich, grow and educate. Vivere Hosting brings together the county's elite from industry experts to creatives in residence to deliver inspirational and motivational talks across the wellness scene. Set in exclusive, intimate and completely unique venues across Surrey, guest enjoyment begins from the initial arrival.

Louise has over 20 year's experience advising and working on-site for the largest and most commercially successful sports events in the world, as well as for major brand names, sports men and women, celebrities in film and media, and high-net-worth individuals. As a Sports Lawyer she specialised in high-profile event management, brands sponsorship and the commercialisation of brands. Louise is quite simply the ideal visionary to spearhead a series of this kind and host like-minded women in stunning settings.

“My vision is to host joyful and informative get-togethers that celebrate womanhood and empowers you. My exclusive events and workshops will help you supercharge your focus and may help you find the answers that we all need answering. Giving you the confidence to be who you are.”

At Vivere Hosting, community building is at the heart of everything they do.

"Our motivational speakers have spent their careers inspiring people, gaining industry recognition through seminars, university lectures and published work with experience in entertaining and informing audiences. My  vision is to connect you with the very best through a series of provoking and powerful workshops and events.”

Get in touch...

Insta: @viverehosting

Founder: Louise Millington

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