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Susan Holton Knitwear

In a world of mass produced and disposable fast fashion, meet Susan Holton who produces luxurious handcrafted knitwear in Surrey. Before starting her eponymous label, Susan worked in graphic and corporate design. Her natural creativity coupled with a strong vocation for quality and sustainability led to Susan creating her own brand.

“I began knitting more than 35 years ago but when I discovered the incredible potential in domestic knitting machines I was hooked”.

Combining contemporary design with creative yarn blends and exceptional hand finishes Susan creates timeless quality knits. The clothes and accessories are offered in a range of colours, silhouettes, weights and blends. From classic shapes to cool and cosy designs, each piece is soft, breathable and stretchy. Renowned for their tactility, Susan uses cotton, silk, linen and viscose yarns. Some of the pieces are hand dyed and hand painted which means you are getting something truly unique.

“I love exploring stitch, yarn, fibre and colour in experimental knitted and dyed samples”.

This allows Susan to create something spectacular out of the most basic material- a spool of yarn.
A direct to consumer brand Susan Holton Knitwear delivers handcrafted luxury without the traditional retail markup. Susan represents inherent creativity and passion and her clear understanding of weight, drape and softness is what makes the wearer feel loved, as well as warm.

Get in touch...

Tel: 020 8941 0441
Instagram: @susanholtonknitwear

Founder and Designer: Susan Holton

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