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Roseings London

👑 As featured in The New York Times & The Sunday Times Style 👑

It’s often said that out of a crisis comes innovation and creativity and nowhere is this truer than artisan brand, Roseings London. In 2020, mid-pandemic and pregnant with her second child, Emily launched her beautifully handcrafted hair accessories brand. Seeing that the humble headband was in the midst of a renaissance, creator and designer Emily set out to prove that her majestic creations are both nostalgic and modern.

“Crowns are wearable every day for every occasion,” says Emily “they can make you look and feel like a real queen”.

Roseings London headbands are an easy, low-lift way to jazz up the simplest of outfits or when a statement look needs a finishing touch. It’s all about minimal effort for maximum gain. Padded, stretchy, sparkly or classic, they will thrill everyone from either end of the sartorial spectrum.
Socially responsible, Roseings London places female empowerment and racial equality at the heart of it's brand ethos. In October 2020, Emily collaborated with Ateh Jewel to create the Kamala Harris-inspired crown. Known as the ‘Kamala’, the glamorous knot headband comes in a dusky or hot pink hue embellished with sparkling glass rhinestones and faux pearls.

"There is something powerful and regal about a bejewelled handmade headband and the time is now to #crownyourself embrace your inner power and just go for it." Says Ateh.

Beyond just looking great, the premium craftsmanship, quality and uniqueness of Roseings London means they offer sustainable style and longevity. Comfortable to wear with loose curls, a sleek ponytail or wrapped round a bun.

Chic, fun and fiercely flattering – your hardest decision will be which one to choose!

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Designer and Founder: Emily Walder

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