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Proactive Healthcare

Take control of your health & lifestyle.

We all know that Personal healthcare can be costly or involve protracted waiting lists. The NHS can be great if you have specific symptoms of an illness, but their budgets and the current workloads of GPs means that they cannot offer peace-of-mind full-body MOTs.

Proactive HP was launched to help individuals and businesses take control of their healthcare before it might be too late.

The service provides a level of testing that goes beyond the regular NHS services that take weeks/months to be scheduled and allows you to have a cost-effective way of testing for, but not exclusively, your hormone levels, cancer markers, vitamin deficiencies, allergies and any abnormalities. The service is suitable for many people as it can be done for groups in the workplace during work hours, or out of hours in the evening or at weekends to suit the individual at a minimal extra charge.

Follow-up advisory service. We also offer group or individual stress coaching and mind wellness coaching in person and virtually.

Clinical director for proactive HP, ‪Emma Wills says “We are still the only company that goes direct to their clients, workplace, gyms and homes, at a time that is mutually agreeable, also we can get these results analysed and back to the individual within a 48hr window.”

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