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Phoenix Style

5 Church Street, Cobham, KT11 3EG

PHOENIX STYLE is one of the UK’s original destinations for luxury re-sale fashion and accessories. With a 40 year heritage it has established itself as a community built for buying and selling luxury designer fashion, bags, jewellery and shoes in the heart of Cobham, Surrey and most recently in Wimbledon.

Each Phoenix Style store provides a curated selection of rare finds to classic and contemporary must-haves with hundreds of brands to choose from.Supporting the stores is their online platform offering their unique curated resale aesthetic to a broader and global community where their ethos of appreciating designers craftsmanship and the lifecycle of luxury is celebrated.

Phoenix Style prides itself on stocking 100% authentic products. Our dedicated team of authentication experts will go to every length to ensure that what they sell is the real deal. Being environmentally responsible is at the core of their beliefs, consigning luxury pieces ensures that they do not end up in landfill and purchasing something that is second hand continues the narrative of making conscious decisions for the planet.

Get in touch...

Call: 0207 384 6111

Boutique Owner: Paige

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