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Moody Tom

Introducing Moody Tom, an Epsom-based jewellery brand born out of a fascination with freshwater pearls' inherent natural beauty and versatility. Founder Anna Gambel was inspired by the varied style pearls lent themselves to and the potential for creating beautiful, bespoke designs. From classic elegance to modern, expressive designs, peals have a unique quality of fitting with all tastes, colours and ages. Anna carefully sources her pearls from a mix of suppliers from overseas, some of which are rare and lesser-seen across the jewellery scene.

The inspiration behind Moody Tom roots back to Shanghai, where Anna worked with little independent shops and jewellery designers. Here, she had the opportunity to meet each person involved in the design process.

"It was a fascinating and rewarding experience to witness the birth of each unique piece of jewellery."

Moody Tom offers a fantastic mix of classic styles, stunning impact pieces and cool, contemporary charm-style pieces designed to be layered up. One of our favourites is Anna's coloured freshwater pearls, in gorgeous shades of rich blue, dreamy turquoise and majestic gold. Expect compliments aplenty - these super-special pearls really do catch the eye with their vibrant and unusual aesthetic. 

Whether dressed up or down, Anna's pieces always adds a touch of elegance and attention-grabbing flair, making them a true delight to wear and share. Working from her home studio in Epsom, Moody Tom has gained a loyal following in the local community with local boutiques selling limited collections.

In addition to selling ready-made jewellery, Anna also offer bespoke services. So many of us have old jewellery or passed-down pearls which Anna takes great pleasure in redesigning into something special that you'll love to wear and cherish.

"If you have a string of pearls with sentimental value that you don't wear because it's not your style or broken, I can give it a new lease of life."

Whether you're a pearl-passionista or prefer subtle pearl charms, Moody Tom embodies everything beautiful and adaptable about this gorgeous gift from nature!

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Founder and Owner: Anna Gambel

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