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Mia and James

Mia & James are committed to providing consumers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible impact.

Following a successful career in banking, owner and founder Yvonne’s vision was to create collections of minimalist basics for all the family, with responsible design and everyday functionality in mind. Pouches, totes, tidy stationery cases and cool hoodies; beautiful products that won’t cost the earth.

“Our appetite to create and buy new products is infinite. The planet’s resources aren’t. The recent Covid19 pandemic gave us all the chance to reflect on what we cherish most now and how our post-pandemic selves can navigate the world for the better. I’m passionate about making beautiful products from “waste”. As a mum of two children, I set out to do my bit, to enhance protection and comfort and empower our little ones to boldly take on the world.”

Made using recycled cotton blends, Mia & James creates new products without having to use new resources. The performance-oriented fabric is strong, versatile, reliable, and long lasting.
The customisable embroidery is complimented by the choice of iron-on patches also available online, making Mia & James collections so individual and distinctive.

Named after her children's middle names, Mia and James are dedicated to offering memborable gifts - as Yvonne says- "Giving isn’t a duty, it’s an honour."

“We’re putting our passion and energy into creating sustainable products and packaging, proudly offering a stylish eco- friendly solution to bespoke gifting. Giving feels good. We want it to feel even better.”

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Boutique Owner: Yvonne

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