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Love A Preloved

Welcome to Love A Preloved; an online consignment boutique selling luxury authentic designer handbags, shoes and accessories. Founded on a shared love of beautiful fashion and sustainability-centred values, friends Tanya and Nicki curate a fine-tuned edit of super-special, quality items that will endure for years to come.

Expect to find the major fashion houses here - excellently presented, outfit-elevating icons that transcend time. A hub of covetable fashion built to last, shop here for those signature totes, insta-worthy clutches and beautifully boxed fine jewellery.

Impeccable service is guaranteed at Love A Preloved. Tanya and Nicki's extensive knowledge of the luxury fashion market means that the number one rule of authenticity is well and truly taken care of. For anyone wishing to sell their designer goods, the duo's wealth of knowledge means that they are able to offer a totally hassle-free experience from authentication, pricing estimation, marketing and shipping.

"Many of the super brands put their prices up yearly and if you have a love for designer goods, these brands are not to everyone's budget. Instead of buying new, buy a designer handbag preloved, in excellent condition for a price that is within budget. We have a range of goods at different price brackets to suit you."

So whether you're looking for that Mulberry Bayswater you've always dreamed of or just fancy browsing their irresistable latest drops, head to Love A Preloved.

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Insta: @love.a.preloved

Founded by Tanya and Nicki

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