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Inner Guidance

The Riverside Arts Center, 57 - 59 Thames Street, TW16 5QF

Meet Deborah Flanagan, a highly experienced Meditation Coach and Founder of Inner Guidance.

In a world of constant churn and burn, Deborah offers a body of meditation and mindfulness practices. Combining personal, lived experience and stringent training and education, Inner Guidance cultivates optimal mental health, influencing our habitual behaviours that allow us to pause from the everyday chaos and regain control over our own mental states. 

"I feel more empowered and content through meditation & mindfulness.  Each and every human being has a beautiful light within themselves, and I can’t wait to help you unlock it."

Inner Guidance is founded on the real, tangible benefits of meditation. "Meditation is not escapism, daydreaming or being unconscious, we are not trying to escape from life, clear the mind or empty them." Deborah understands meditation means different things to different people and we all have varying levels of how quickly and easily we can provoke inner connection. "People may believe, you must sit with twisted legs in a lotus position making some weird sounds, and that you must have to spend a long time in a mediation state to be able to achieve a good practice."

Deborah teaches a variety of high-impact practices using the breath & body as a central focus. By learning how to master your own breathing, she imparts lasting skills that reduce stress & anxiety and improve your overall well-being. This holistic approach not only stabilises mental clarity but affords you precious time to experience true self-care that your body and mind deserve.

"Meditation is an awakening to the wonders of our life, it is nurturing a learning and understanding of the possibilities that you might not have thought possible. Meditation allows you to be you, accepting yourself and giving yourself the love and kindness that you deserve." 

Another benefit of Meditation Deborah passionately cites is the sense of joy and compassion it brings. Stress and self-criticism wreak havoc with our mental and physical selves. Meditation creates a level of relaxation which sparks deep joy, a world away from the moment-to-moment overthinking many of us are prone to.

You can enjoy Deborah's weekly classes in person at The Riverside Arts Center in Sunbury. These 1 hour sessions provide the perfect pause in your week to take your foot off the pedal and reconnect. 
Highly credible and authorised in this discipline, Deborah has achieved a number of accreditations, namely Meditation Teacher Training with British School of Meditation (BSoM) with Distinction and has a Mindfulness Practitioner Diploma (Level 1,2,3 & Master) Applied Mindfulness for 7-11 year olds with the British Mindfulness Institute. 

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Founder: Deborah Flanagan

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