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Hive Country

Hive Country offers a medley of lovingly made fashion and accessories inspired by the beautiful nuances of our planet. For designer and creator, Victoria Walsh, nature’s beauty and diversity are rich sources of inspiration.

“I learnt to sew at an early age. My grandmother showed me how to create something new and wonderful from something old and unloved.”
That joyous sentiment has stayed with Victoria and coupled with her affection and appreciation of nature, the idea behind Hive Country is to celebrate and preserve the flora and fauna around us.

Paying homage to heritage and the British countryside, Victoria has created sleek smart staples and classics with a modern twist. The style is relaxed, chic and comfortable, current but timeless. The look works perfectly for urbanites as well as country folk, keeping you protected and comfortable in all weathers.

One of Victoria’s signature designs is her wool-felt fedora hat. The timeless silhouette and water resistant properties make this the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit. Each beautifully wrapped item includes a small bag of bee-friendly wild flower seeds, so you can bee happy whilst creating your own little meadow.

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Tel: 07850 200665
Instagram: @hive_country

Designer: Victoria Walsh

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