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Haus of Paint

With a passion for art, textiles and fashion, artist and printmaker Gina McAdam has created an aesthetic tribute to the beautiful, colourful and natural wonders of our world. Gina’s beautifully conceived designs are a joy to observe and wear.

A masterful mix & match of pattern, material and texture, the prints are designed in-house in Gina’s studio near Guildford. Using Vegan, Chemical Free Inks and printers, the creations feature a skilful blend of artisanal techniques, screen printing and wearable art resulting in an almost three dimensional effect.

The collections include jumpsuits, day-suits, leggings, bags and headbands. There is a children’s teenage range too.
Haus of Paint is dedicated to upholding a positive environmental and social impact:

“We are contributing to the future of fashion by offering a new sustainable Print on Demand service. At Haus of Paint we only print what is needed, we do not hold stock in a warehouse or produce large amounts of products. We operate a print to order service fulfilled in the EU and a slow fashion handmade service for our Couture pieces”.

Get in touch...

Instagram: @haus_of_paint

Boutique Owner: Gina McAdam

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