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Gunda Hafner

Gunda Hafner founded her eponymous brand in 2016. As a young girl she was first introduced to knitting and sewing by her grandmother. Surrounded by the beauty of nature in a rural setting, Gundra’s passion was to exude the essence of nature, its superior aesthetics and a message to let its beauty be, in its purest form.

“We continue to look for innovative yet eco-conscious techniques to incorporate into every collection. We source ethical fabrics that are high-quality and local, where possible.

Our ethos is to prove that to be sustainable does not mean compromising on style. We recognise that clothing should be versatile and meet the needs of modern, busy schedules, whilst also helping to simplify everyday wardrobe choices”.

Gunda is passionate about disrupting the linear production model. Each design is crafted with longevity in mind and will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. Pieces that can be worn all year round, she expertly creates stunning aesthetics with serious ethics. Putting sustainability into practice by embracing her grandmother’s vision of making something beautiful from notthing.

The entire collection is produced ethically in the UK; locally sourced materials and production mean deadstock is kept to a minimum and transportation and pollution is significantly reduced. A people-centered business, there is much greater accountability over working conditions.
Sustainability never looked so chic!

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Creator: Gunda Hafner

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