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From My Mother's Garden

A creative, new “wearable art” fashion label under the charming name From My Mother’s Garden. The label is the inspiration of Penny Callaghan. Inspired by the wealth of botanical forms and colours from her mother’s garden, Penny blends romantic nostalgia with a distinctly modern spirit resulting in authentic and timeless results.

“My idea originally came from my Mother asking us to take a series of photos of her small but very beautiful garden. She derives such joy from it and so we wanted to capture some of its beauty. When I saw the images, I immediately thought that they could look stunning on fabric because of the colours and so started the idea for the collection.”

From My Mother’s Garden uses environmentally responsible fabrics and techniques wherever possible. The lightweight kimonos are made of viscose and other items from linen. Sublimation printing is used which minimises wastage and only prints the fabric required. An exciting range of accessories is made from bamboo for example.

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Founder and Creator: Penny Callaghan

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