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Endulge Therapy

By Tegan, 37 Cox Lane Chessington KT9 1SD

Looking for a top-tier beauty clinic that doesn't rely on invasive treatments? Look no further than Endulge Therapy.
Founded and owned by Brenda, Endulge Therapy is dedicated to providing bespoke services that promote healthy, optimistic living. With a wealth of industry knowledge and a loyal clientele, the clinic has established itself as one of Surrey's go-to destinations for holistic beauty solutions.

After a successful career in IT, Brenda set out to offer men and women an affordable alternative without compromising on results. Inspired by the power of holistic beauty, Brenda felt passionate about setting up a clinic which entwines self-care into it's beauty services. Her ethos is centered on enhancing your natural beauty. A breath of fresh air, Brenda is spearheading a new direction in the industry, moving away from the exaggerated, overfilled look that has dominated the industry in recent years.

"Our services offer flexibility and convenience to cater to your healing, rejuvenation, and relaxation needs."

The clinic's star services are their regenerative facials; customised and prescriptive to ensure clients achieve their desired outcome in the most effective way possible. The Glycolic Peels have proved brilliantly successful, delivering beautifully radiant and more youthful results after just the first treatment.

Another popular treatment is the Cyrosurgery; used for safely and painlessly removing skin tags, moles, age spots using a non-invasive, risk-free treatment. Performed by cyrogenic gases to break down targeted tissue in the cells, the procedures are completely relaxing and suitable for even the most nervous of clients.

Brenda is passionate about introducing the use of massage and promoting healthy diet choices to alleviate symptoms of pain or anxiety and warmly welcomes clients suffering anxiety and depression symptoms interested in natural solutions. The clinic also help clients manage physical conditions, including facial and body acne, cellulite, uneven complexions, rosacea, keratosis, pigmentation, sciatica, scoliosis, carpal tunnel, arthritis, chest tightness and pain, lordosis, insomnia, digestion issues, chronic muscle or joint pain, and old sports and spinal injuries.

Ever-mindful of the changing world of beauty and it's fast-moving pace, Brenda uses the very best proven beauty solutions; eschewing high-priced, flashy new treatments which offer unrealistic results. Passionate and dedicated to her profession, she is a font of knowledge in the sector, breaking down the science behind her treatments into easily understandable concepts.

If you're looking to step up your beauty practises in a relaxed, fuss-free environment, visit Endulge Therapy.

Get in touch...

Tel: 02380 330 283

Founder: Brenda Jogiana

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