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Counting Crows

Counting Crows was founded in September 2021 and is inspired by creator, Anna’s love of the rich and varied array of colours and shapes provided by the UK’s rural landscape. Her handmade jewellery is designed and made using glass beads which are chosen for their durability, vivid long lasting colour and sustainable qualities.

Exquisite and affordable, the collection makes for a beautiful and special gift with the added bonus of knowing not everyone will have the same piece of jewellery.

"Surrey’s natural colour pallet is rich and diverse and so much inspiration can be found on your front doorstep from this area of outstanding beauty. From golden sunlight dappled off a slow flowing river, the glow of the first snow drops after a cold snap, the oil spill rainbow of a crow's wing...all these and more bring the everyday beauty of nature right to us."

For something truly unique, Anna also takes on custom bespoke orders which can be arranged by email or via the phone.

Counting Crows is proud to launch its first product line, Six for Gold, the sixth line of the old nursery rhyme of counting the birds flurried in the sunlight.

Get in touch...


Phone: 07437884508

Creator: Anna Drewett

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