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Charlotte Boutique


In a landscape of identikit style, Charlotte Boutique curates and creates modern luxury essentials in everything from fluid silk to fuzzy shearling. Founder and owner, Zoe Charlotte has always had a passion for fashion.

“I remember the excitement of rummaging through my dress-up box, deciding who I wanted to be that day. From a young age, I understood that clothes provide us with a magical ability to present ourselves to the world as we want to be seen”.

Zoe’s penchant for dressing up remains and her love of clothes is evident from her covetable collection of wear-forever pieces. Charlotte Boutique’s ethos to produce small collections comprising of a limited number of designs is a practical way of exercising sustainable living. The timeless designs, quality fabrics and impeccable construction are the antithesis of fast fashion.

Zoe sources designers who make feeling glamorous relatable and attainable. Bold elegance sits alongside modern refinement delivering hits of happiness to your wardrobe for years to come.

* Try Before You Buy - Charlotte Boutique offers a try-on-at-home service, allowing you to try garments at home in your own comfort . "Rather than guessing which item is best for you or buying everything just to return what doesn't work, let us know what you want to try on and we can pop it round to you. Once we've dropped it off you'll have 24 hrs to try on and decide, after which you can either make the purchase online or we'll come and collect it. Easy peasy!" Applies to Elmbridge residents only.

Get in touch...

Phone: 07519 315 268

Boutique Owner: Zoe Charlotte

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