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Bisou Boutik

The Green, Hersham, United Kingdom, KT12 4HL

When Sou Koudsi recently opened her boutique, Bisou, she had a clear vision: to bring the excitement of discovery back into retail. Her edit includes the best of British and international designers, a hub of coveted, considered and contemporary fashion- clothes that are beautiful but real and built to last.

“As far back as I remember, I’ve always had a passion for fashion; the colours, the fabrics and the cut. After years working in the fashion industry I was ready to open my own boutique, every piece is hand-picked by me for style, price and quantity.”

Sou’s focus now is on creating a community, getting to know her customers on a personal level, and learn about them—their likes and dislikes, their opinions—in a way that often isn’t seen in the retail space.
This dedication to the customer experience is what sets Bisou Boutique apart from the rest.

“When I make a styling suggestion to customers to try something on that they may not have previously considered, for me that sparkle in their eyes when they look in the mirror and see how wonderful it looks on them is truly priceless.”

So whether you are looking for a wardrobe refresh, a special outfit or some inspiration head to this friendly, exciting and multi brand boutique for all your high / low needs.

Get in touch...

Instagram: @bisou_boutik
Tik Tok: @bisou_boutik

Founder and Owner: Sou Koudsi

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