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Sue Roper

Sue Roper House of Colour

I’m a Spring with a Natural Classic clothing personality and have always loved colour and clothes!
As a child I was enthralled by Doris Day movies with her beautiful bright fitted clothes – I’ve always thought she was a Spring too but you cannot tell a person’s season just by looking at them.

My love of colour and clothes continued but I had many items that were rarely worn and I didn’t understand why. In 2014 I had my colours and style done and I finally understood why I didn’t wear a significant amount of my wardrobe. I don’t need a vast number of clothes, I just need pieces that suit me and work together! Shopping became easier, I bought less and wore more and felt more confident and visible.

I decided to leave a rewarding and challenging career in Financial Services to become a House of Colour consultant and help others to discover what colours and styles suit them and see the positive impact this makes on both their professional and personal lives.

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