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Sophia Lorimer

Fine Tuned Wardrobe

Fine-tuned wardrobe Is a styling business that does exactly what it says on the tin.
With 20 years experience in the fashion industry, Sophia set out to create Fine-Tuned Wardrobe, specialising in sustainable styling- giving your wardrobe a healthy overhaul.

“My passion for fashion and style started as a young child and starting my business in November 2019 seemed a natural progression for me”.

Working with clients to purge and revamp their existing closets, Sophia looks for eco-friendly pieces to fill the gaps. Sophia will show you how to put together new outfits from old staples and creatively style what you already have.
Making sure each client develops an authentic modern look in-keeping with their lifestyle, that makes them look and feel amazing.

“Being a stylist now is an integration of ethics. I can help you declutter and reorganise your wardrobe and resell your clothes, circulating that fashion to earn you some extra money or donate to your local community”

“I will introduce you to brands that are more aligned with your values, curating a closet that is timeless, bespoke & stylish”

Mobile - 07809545972
Instagram - @finetunedwardrobe

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