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Kim Pidgeon

KLP Styling

Opening your wardrobe should definitely not leave you feeling deflated or stuck in a rut but excited about what your next outfit is.

As a mum to a young son, I know that shopping for clothes for yourself often gets bumped down the priority list - and your wardrobe can end up feeling like a mishmash of items and styles that never seem to quite add up to the outfits you actually want to be wearing.

Whether it’s working from what you already have, adding a handful of key items to bring your wardrobe to life, or deciding on a complete overhaul, making your clothes work for you and your lifestyle is key.
I offer wardrobe organising sessions, personal shopping days, online and sample sale shopping, ongoing styling support and packages tailored to the individual.

Feeling good in what you’re wearing shouldn’t just happen on the odd occasion. It should be every day.

Browse local stylists in your area with our comprehensive Stylist directory. 
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