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Hilary Fisher

Hilary Fisher Style

Are you a woman of a certain age who has lost confidence in how you look? Are you unsure how to cope with the inevitable physical changes that happen over time, or have you reached retirement (or are now working from home) and need a whole new wardrobe for your new lifestyle or do you simply feel you have lost the plot?

As an older woman myself I have carved out a niche advising other older women how to look vibrant, stylish and fabulous. I am based in East Sheen and have just launched my new online services:

Starting with colour, we will explore your Colour Personality which will give you insights into who you are and I will show you how, with your most flattering shades near your face, you will look younger and healthier.
Style is a journey which starts with your Style Personality. Whatever age you are, your personality and tastes will lead you towards a particular style. Once you know what yours is, we put it all together with fabrics, shapes, lengths, necklines etc... to create your Signature Style.
Imagine how it would feel to open your wardrobe in the morning and experience a lift of spirits at the picture presented by the colours and styles inside because they reflect the real you. You can treat yourself right now to Colour Psychology Experience or the full package, Signature Style online now if you visit the website.

I am also a makeup artist working with the Wimbledon-based company, Look Fabulous Forever (makeup specially designed for older women) and can advise on colours and application.

For a FREE Discovery chat, please get in touch.

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