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Clare Nall-Smith

Invest in Style

I’m a personal stylist with over 15 years experience working in fashion buying, design and
development. I help women to uncover their personal style and ensure they have the knowledge
and tools to make dressing effortless and enjoyable. I’m passionate about quality, making life
simpler and getting the most out of your wardrobe.

Sustainability is important to me and I’m always sourcing top quality preowned fashion which I sell direct to clients and through my Instagram page. I offer styling and outfit inspiration here too so please do look me up @invest_in_style.

I believe ‘less is more’ and I like to demonstrate how a smaller hard-working wardrobe and smarter
shopping strategy can benefit you. I help my clients to shop with purpose and to invest in the things
they will wear time and time again, can wear in different ways and will last longer than a season.
With my extensive knowledge of the shops and styling expertise I can help you achieve the style you
dream of.

I live in Molesey and generally work in the Surrey and London areas but I’m happy to travel further if
needed. For further details on the services I offer please see my website or drop me an email.

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