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Claire Webber

Mint Condition

I am a qualified Personal Stylist based in Surbiton, with clients in Surrey and London. I find personal
styling incredibly rewarding and I am passionate about helping people to find their style personality,
be confident in their clothes choices and love their wardrobe. I fully understand the morale boost
that comes from feeling that you have got your style choices just right – it is both uplifting and
empowering, and I absolutely love helping clients to achieve this confidence.

Each of my clients is unique, with their own personality and needs. There are many reasons for
consulting a Personal Stylist (a change in body shape; change in circumstances; feeling stuck in a
wardrobe rut; returning to the workplace; for a special event) and I work with every client on an
individual, tailored basis, depending on what they would like to achieve. My role is to work with my
client in finding the styles and clothes that work for them and make them feel good about

My services include wardrobe consultations and edits, personal shopping trips and an online
shopping service. I give my clients the tools to understand their style personality, their body shape
and how to make the most of their wardrobe, so that they are equipped to make style choices for

A personal styling service is an investment in yourself and the ultimate goal for me as a Personal
Stylist is for my client to feel empowered, confident and happy in their style choices.

Please contact me with any questions, for information and to book an appointment.

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