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Angela Kyte

Angela Kyte London

Amongst the industry's most sought-after Personal Stylists, Angela Kyte has earned her name as an outstanding, transformational professional on the luxury fashion scene. Angela sets the bar in elevating women's personal appearance and style, providing second-to-none styling services and inspiring newfound confidence in her client's unique qualities and attributes.

Following a successful career in psychotherapy, Angela set out to build on her lifelong, discerning 'eye' for style and impeccable taste in clothes and offer a more holistic, top-tier styling experience. Specialising in Body Image, Angela has an exceptional understanding of the deep-rooted power of positive self-image and its effect on her client's overall outward impression. Clients develop an ongoing constructive cycle of dressing for success; feeling amazing and enamouring others with that intriguing 'je ne sais que' quality we all long for.

Angela's approach reflects her appreciation of high-impact, exquisite and timeless style. Individually tailored to achieve her client's goals, she helps men and women unlock their own styling abilities, showing them how to optimise their best assets through complimentary cuts, fabric choices, accessorising and colour pairing. Honing on years of experience and in-depth knowledge of self-identification and expression, Angela helps her clients build a bespoke ‘Style Personality’. Her expert body shape and colouring analysis dive deep into the crux of looking one's best and dressing impeccably. Angela goes beyond the status quo, not only helping women dress for all occasions but also advising on personal grooming; introducing clients to the whole spectrum of beautifying and styling choices. These invaluable insights ensure clients never fall off the 'look-good, feel-good' continuum and move on with recharged self-assurance, applying their knowledge independently.

Angela has worked extensively with luxury design houses, both as a fashion consultant with some of the most idealistic labels and in her styling capacity, hosting bespoke workshops and offering one-to-one services. Her expansive knowledge of designers, brands and lesser-known favourites ideally position her for a seamless personal shopping experience. By working closely with her clients on a deeper level, shopping becomes a positive and enriching exercise, letting go of the negative connotations attached to clothes-shopping. Angela offers guidance about how to shop, where to shop, how to select key pieces to add value to the current wardrobe. In this way, shopping becomes both pleasurable and productive, clients become more self-possessed and feel in control of their choices. Angela has helped countless men and women by shopping for them, an excellent service for those short on time or interest in shopping. She passionately researches the best shops, hand-selecting the finest clothes based on her holistic assessment of each client, their preferences, requirements and lifestyle. All items can be brought to the client’s house, negating any necessity to leave the comfort of the home, allowing clients to try on pieces in entirely familiar surroundings.

Another service Angela provides is Wardrobe Makeovers. She takes ultimate care and attention in transforming your wardrobe into something fuss-free, beautiful, and enticing. Wardrobe de-cluttering allows clients to unpick their emotional blockers in getting dressed effortlessly and build new, positivity-fuelled habits. Angela is a pro is strategizing your space; utilising organisational tools and methods to showcase your clothes and accessories effectively. Sessions are personalised, focused, and ensure clients are left with renewed passion and the self-belief to build elegant, flattering looks by themselves.

So, if you're looking for the Rolls Royce of personal styling with real, purposeful delivery and extraordinary results, head to Angela Kyte London.


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