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Aga Moodley

I AM the Brand Personal Stylist

Brought up in a family of seamstresses, tailors, textile shop owner and a shoemaker, with a diploma in Personal Styling from Style Me Agency, certificate from Business of Fashion and with a Masters degree in communication where I wrote my projects on the importance of nonverbal signs of humans presence, I believe that what we wear influences the way we think about ourselves but also how others perceive us.

In the current world of abundance and where in many circles, sometimes deniably we have to adjust to the image we want to project, personal services like styling are an indispensable help. Taking pride from being an independent stylist (not taking any commission from partnerships) I put my clients, not brands on the pedestals.

​I AM your local go-to person when you need to review your personal style, wardrobe or shopping techniques irrespective of your budget or where you are in life. If compiling the perfect set of clothes matching your lifestyle, personality, your facial and physical features feel like a strenuous and frustrating process, I will be delighted to help.

​I work in my studio in Sanderstead making sure you don’t need to travel to the shops or order piles of parcels from various online stores. I will do all this for you and much more. Personal Shopping session on the other hand is for those, who wish to learn how to shop so that you can do it comfortably on your own. Also, as the only stylist in UK I also offer payments in instalments.

If your lifestyle demands juggling different roles and hence needing a variety of outfits, I organise your wardrobe so that you're stylishly ready for each event and part of the day. Think Wardrobe PA.

Instagram: @iamthebrand
Linkedin: iamthebrand
Facebook: iamthebrand

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