Personal Stylists

across Surrey 

  • Jacq Weber

    Jacq Weber

    The Wardrobe Girl

  • Georgia Michalopoulou

    Georgia Michalopoulou

    The Stylish Mummy

  • Lauren Jobling

    Lauren Jobling

    Personal Stylist

  • Jennifer Jones

    Jennifer Jones

    Personal Stylist

  • Hilary Fisher

    Hilary Fisher

    Richmond Personal Style

  • Nick Howard-Lanes

    Nick Howard-Lanes

    Men's Personal Stylist

  • Mathilde Hebert

    Mathilde Hebert

    Personal Stylist

  • Rosana Danielian

    Rosana Danielian

    Stylist Start

  • Nina Victoria

    Nina Victoria

    Nina Victoria Styling

  • Kirstie Smillie

    Kirstie Smillie

    Kirstie Smillie Personal Styling

  • Clare Nall-Smith

    Clare Nall-Smith

    Invest in Style

  • Claire Webber

    Claire Webber

    Mint Condition

  • Millie Coates

    Millie Coates

    The Style Phoenix

  • Emma Shoe

    Emma Shoe

    Styling You Well

  • Sue Roper

    Sue Roper

    Sue Roper House of Colour

  • Lorraine Iles

    Lorraine Iles

    Absolute Image

  • Kim Pidgeon

    Kim Pidgeon

    KLP Styling

  • Jules Viner

    Jules Viner

    Jules Viner Personal Styling

  • Chantelle Znideric

    Chantelle Znideric

    Chantelle Znideric Personal Styling

  • Marsha McLean-Anderson

    Marsha McLean-Anderson

    Signature Style

  • Dani Koroma

    Dani Koroma

    Image Vale Styling

  • Kerrie Ellis

    Kerrie Ellis

    Kerrie Ellis Styling

  • Karen Powell

    Karen Powell

    The Organising Lady

  • Olivia Church

    Olivia Church

    Liv Styler

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