You can't buy happiness, but you can buy local and that's kind of the same thing!

We all know the benefits of shopping locally- boosting the local economy, building communities and making ethical choices. 

But there is so much more that local independent boutiques can offer.


All women deserve to look and feel great and your local boutique will help you achieve this.

More style clinics than shops, they offer experiences. Larger fashion chains serve a purpose when you know what you want but smaller boutiques can offer style advice, inspiration and a bespoke look.

It’s the difference between shopping and buying. 

We have been lucky enough to meet many boutique owners in the Surrey and have been genuinely struck by their dedication and diligence. They literally pour their heart & soul into creating a complete shopping experience for us.

From the relaxed decor and cherry picked collections to the concierge service they provide. By shopping locally you are helping to support their entrepreneurial dreams as well as the local economy. 

Start exploring some of the 150+ boutiques across wonderful Surrey.

Why shop local?

  • Local Jobs

    Your local high street is fuelled by passionate people whose business is their livelihood. Local businesses create jobs for local residents

  • Local Economy

    "Research shows that just £10 spent with a local independent shop means £50 back into the local economy." - Workforce, March 2019.

  • Sustainability

    Online businesses can promise next-day delivery but not without cost to the environment; consider the associated packaging and the fuel to transport the goods.

  • 5* Service

    Your local propertiers know how a good and bad service can impact on their business directly.  Being community driven, five star service is always found in your local boutique.

  • Charity

    Many local businesses support charities that are relevant to the local town. They have an interest in grass-roots start-ups and community groups around them.

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