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Michelle's Waist Management

97 Walton Rd, Molesey, East Molesey KT8 0DR

Michele Whearty is living proof that you can successfully lose weight and keep it off.

After years of stop-start dieting, Michelle lost nearly nine stone with the Cambridge weight plan and now she is helping others to realise their goals too.

“I changed my body and my mind too! I have maintained and stopped the yo-yo diets forever.”

Michelle is an award winning Cambridge gold champion consultant who can empathise with her client’s struggles in facing the same complex biological systems that lie beyond our willpower. Michelle’s winning formula combines a science-based approach and a personal coach for support throughout the programme.

Michelle’s bespoke weight reduction plan starts with a one to one consultation. Using premium body scanning equipment, the Seca mBCA 515 offers fast and easy assessment of body composition, e.g.fat mass and body water. Currently, Michelle’s Waist Management salon is the only centre in Surrey equipped with this resource.

Using this personalised data and through consultation with you, Michelle will recommend the nutritional plan that will work for you. Each plan is individualised, tailored to work around your needs and ambitions. The recommended duration of the programme is based on the amount of weight you want to lose. Sustained weight loss comes from commitment, knowledge and awareness and with your Personal Consultant, Michelle on hand to motivate, support and educate you- you CAN do this.

Expect the very best in knowledge, technology and bespoke treatment options from the centre... but what really sets it apart is Michelle's genuine belief, conviction and all-round cheerfulness.

Get in touch...

Call: 07769 114952

Owner: Michelle Whearty

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