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Conscious Lemons

With a passion for sustainability Gayathri Nimmakayala launched Conscious Lemons as a considered response to the fast-fashion industry.
“I wanted to create a go-to fashion & lifestyle brand that curates high-quality, eco-friendly products. We source here in the UK and from all over the world.”

As more and more of us are questioning the provenance of the materials and ingredients in the things we buy, Gayathri knows that transparency is key. Conscious Lemons is a platform where everyone can enjoy shopping with a clear conscious.

“Many of the independents we feature are Indian ateliers, artisans and designers who are reviving and celebrating local craftsmanship. We source directly from the artisans, who are working hard to produce beautiful products that support the health of environment, worker and wearer.”

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of the Conscious Lemons ethos- to showcase exceptional, artisanal skills & techniques and brands that adhere to fair trade principles and invest in communities.

For a world beyond next season, discover Conscious Lemons’ selection of consciously crafted fashion, beauty & lifestyle products.

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Call: 07970961745

Boutique Owner: Gayathri Nimmakayala

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