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Jacq Weber

The Wardrobe Girl


Stuck in a style rut? Feeling frustrated and uninspired? Need style guidance?
With 15 years of experience as a Fashion Designer in London the next step as a Personal Stylist has been a natural one for me.

Since graduating with the London College of Style in early 2018 I’ve been having the most amazing time working with my clients guiding them to look and feel great.
When you decide to work with me I will show you how to discover and develop YOUR individual style, you will learn how to dress for your shape and I will introduce you to the wonderful world of wearing colour. You will gain a new sense of confidence achieved by your updated, modern wardrobe. I have a relaxed approach and understand that you will probably arrive to me feeling nervous and out of your comfort zone.

My goal is that you have fun and enjoy the process. Everyone has the potential to look and feel amazing, no matter how tall, short, skinny or curvy you may be - I show my clients how to focus on their positive attributes and develop their style accordingly to look and feel fantastic.
It's an absolute joy seeing my clients gain confidence after we have worked together.

If you are ready to refresh your wardrobe and style get in touch with me... I would love to work with you! x

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